Lost Gold Wedding Band... Found!

Monday September 22, 2014:
I received an email from Katrina:
“Hi Justin,
We just found your website and hope that you might be able to help us. My husband lost his wedding ring on Waikiki beach yesterday around 11am. He was swimming in to shore and got washed in by a wave, he put his hands down to stop himself from going face first into the sand and when he came up didn’t have his ring. Only problem is he didn’t realize till after he was back up on the beach and by the time he went back down to the water it was nowhere to be seen. He was swimming right out front of Moana Surf Rider so there was a lot of people around and not sure if it might already be found by someone else. It was a plain 8mm thick white gold band with no inscriptions on it.
We are here visiting from Australia and it was our first anniversary yesterday (can’t believe he made it a whole year without losing it!) and while it is insured, if there is any chance of getting his ring back it is worth a try given the sentimental nature.
If you are able to help at all we would be so grateful.”
Tuesday, September 23rd:
I met up with Craig (Katrina’s husband) in front of the Moana Surf Rider hotel at about 3:40pm. The tide was high and the water was very cloudy with visibility at zero. To make matters worse, my travel scoop fell out of my backpack while riding down to Waikiki on my Harley. I had to improvise by using a fish net, a chicken-wire sand sifter, and a bucket!
Craig explained how he lost his ring. The area where he dug his hands into the sand was in front of the strong shorebreak. During high tide, that area is pummeled by the waves which creates a strong undertow sucking everything near the surface out to sea. There was a lot of sand movement so I figured that Craig’s ring was pulled out. Katrina met us at the beach shortly after.
I started my search in the water at the first drop-off (trough) with my Excalibur 2 metal detector. The waves were head high at times and the current was strong. It was difficult to stay in one spot as the ocean was pushing me around with every wave. There were a lot of broken coral pieces and jagged rocks mixed in with the sand which were rough on my feet. Over the next hour I managed to find a few objects but no ring. I had the hardest time trying to scoop sand with the fish net in head high waves. Craig, Katrina and their daughter were gracious enough to help me out by holding the sifter and helping me with the fish net.
My friend Mike stopped by at around 7pm to help me out. The tide was going down which made conditions a lot better except that we couldn’t see much. He brought an extra scoop which was awesome since my scoop was probably somewhere on the highway. Mike brought his Aquasearch PI metal detector. We started searching and spent the next 3 hours combing the area. We covered an area of approximately 350sqft, which included the dry sand, wet sand, and about 10ft out into the water. Mike found some deep objects at 10+ inches along with some other items closer to the surface. I found a pair of sunglasses and a few coins but no ring.
By the time we were done searching at about 10pm, I was exhausted and my feet were cut up and bloody from the coral and rocks.
Friday, September 26th:
Thanks to Mike, I was able to eliminate a large area and was able to focus my search in deeper water. I arrived at the Moana Surf Rider at around 6:45pm after being stuck in traffic for over 2 ½ hours. I met a couple who wanted me to search for their ring outside of the Royal Hawaiian hotel. I helped them for a little over an hour then went to search for Craig’s ring. By this time it was after 8pm and the water was still rough but the tide was going down. I started in about 5-6 ft of water. In some areas I had to jump off the sea floor to keep my head above water. I was searching for only about 15 minutes when I got a solid hit. It was my first target of the night. I dug into the sand with my scoop and didn’t pull up anything. I dug a little deeper to about 6 inches and checked my scoop. The lights from all the hotels illuminated that area enough to where I was able to see something shiny at the bottom of my scoop. It was Craig’s white gold ring!