Lost Gold Cross Pendant in Hau'ula... Found!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014:

I received a call from John at around 9PM on Sunday night. He spent his Saturday at a private beach in Hau’ula with his family. While playing in the water, John’s daughter grabbed onto his gold chain and pulled, breaking the chain and sending his gold cross pendant flying into the water. John’s daughter held onto the gold chain but it was the cross that meant the most as it was a gift from his mom.

I met up with John in Hau’ula on Monday afternoon. We walked down to the beach and he showed me where he was standing when his cross pendant flew into the water. The current was very strong but the water was only about 4ft deep. It was so strong that I would’ve been pulled out to sea if the water was a little deeper. I began my search and immediately hit targets. I pulled up 2 toy cars, a couple pieces of wire, 2 coins, and some aluminum. About 20 minutes into the search I came across a nice signal that I knew was gold. I looked around and saw John searching with his mask and snorkel. I motioned for him to come over and told him the target sounded really good. He watched as I began fanning the sand away. About 2 inches down we saw gold! I picked up John’s gold cross and handed it to him. He was very excited especially since he witnesses the actual recovery.