Lost Engagement and Wedding Rings at Velzyland... Found!

October 5, 2015:

I received a call from Joy around 5pm yesterday, Sunday October 4th. She needed my help with finding her platinum and diamond engagement and wedding rings which were lost at around 2 PM while at the Velzyland beach with her husband Ben. Joy placed her rings inside of Ben’s snorkel mask to apply sunscreen lotion. They both walked down to the ocean, got in, then started cleaning out the mask without realizing that the rings were in the mask. They were both unsure if the rings fell out of the mask while walking down to the ocean or in the ocean.

I arrived at Velzyland beach at around 6 PM. Joy and Ben walked me down to the beach and showed me where they were sitting and also the path they took to walk down to the ocean. I started my search on the beach along the path but turned up nothing.

I moved my search into the water. The water was clear and calm. About an hour in, I picked up a strong signal. The water was about 2-3 feet deep. I dug in, pulled up my scoop and saw Joy’s diamond wedding band at the bottom! About 3 feet from the wedding band I detected another strong signal. It was Joy’s engagement ring!

I returned to shore and nonchalantly walked over to where Ben was laying in the sand. I told him that he should be the one giving Joy her rings back and that’s when I showed him what I found. He was very excited and immediately made his way over to where Joy was sitting. Ben placed the rings back on Joy’s finger just in time for their honeymoon to Kauai!


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