Lost Engagement Ring at White Plains... Found!

Sunday, January 19, 2014:

I received a call this evening at around 7:30 PM about a lost engagement ring at White Plains Beach Park. Jay and Casey searched for Casey’s lost engagement ring for about an hour. Casey removed her ring and placed it in her shorts pocket prior to going for a swim in the ocean. When she got out of the water, she picked up her shorts which were laying on the dry sand, walked to the showers, and then to the parking lot. That was when Casey realized that her ring was missing.

I arrived at White Plains Beach Park at around 7:50 PM. I didn’t bring my Pulse Induction machine because I figured there would be a lot of trash so I brought the Excalibur II instead. I started with a grid search from the grass line all the way down to about 10ft from the wet sand. I found almost $2 in coins along with a ton of aluminum foil and pulltabs. After searching the entire beach area, roughly 150’x100′, I proceeded to search the grassy area between the beach and the parking lot. A couple of people, to include Casey, were helping me search the area with flashlights. I only brought my cell phone light so they were a huge help! I received a lot of hits though it was difficult to distinguish between surface and subsurface targets so we stayed in that area for about an hour to make sure that we didn’t accidentally miss the ring.

After completing my search of the grassy area, the only other place that I hadn’t searched was the parking lot which was completely flat with nothing to conceal a ring. Seeing the heartbreaking look on Casey’s face, I decided to go back to the beach to search. I hoped that her ring was outside of the area I covered. I searched about 20 feet to the east of my original search grid with no luck. At that point I felt that I should search the wet sand even though it was way out of the search area.

Three hours into the search, while detecting in the wet sand, I received a very faint tone along with the sound of a quarter. I almost missed that faint tone which turned out to be Casey’s white gold engagement ring which was buried about 6 inches down in the wet sand, next to a quarter.

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