Lost Engagement Ring at Jordan Lake... Found!


Monday June 20, 2015:

   I received a call from Sarah this morning. Sarah asked if I could help find her white gold diamond engagement ring which was lost on Friday June 17th, in about 4’ of water at Jordan Lake. She explained how the ring was lost while playing in the water with her family and that she actually watched her ring slip off her finger into the murky water. Sarah found a pair of swimming goggles on shore and tried searching for her ring to no avail. After a couple hours of searching, they were forced off the beach by an incoming thunderstorm.

   I arrived at Jordan Lake around 1pm and met up with Sarah and her husband Dillon. Sarah contacted the park rangers and arranged for me to search prior to me showing up. That was extremely helpful as metal detecting is prohibited in the area. We walked down to the beach and I began my search in about 4’ of water. The visibility was about 6”. The bottom was a mixture of sand and silt which created blackout conditions in the water whenever the bottom was disturbed. About 40 minutes into the search, I received the very familiar sound of gold. I dug my scoop into the sandy bottom and pulled out Sarah’s beautiful white gold and diamond engagement ring. I handed it off to Dillon who was with me in the water. He motioned to Sarah that we found it and as you can see from the photos, she was very happy to be reunited with something she thought was lost forever.






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