Lost Engagement Ring at the Hilton Hawaiian... Found!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014:

I received an email from Evelyn this afternoon. She needed help finding her yellow gold 30yr old diamond engagement ring which was lost in the ocean fronting the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel in Waikiki. She was due to fly back home to Canada on the 13th.

I arrived at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel at around 5PM. Evelyn and her husband David met me at the beach where we discussed the possible locations of their lost ring. The ring slipped off when a wave hit Evelyn while standing in 5ft of water that went up to her neck. She took a bearing to some coconut trees immediately after her ring slipped off her finger so she had a pretty good idea of where the ring slipped off.

The tide was low when the ring was lost but high while I was searching so instead of the search area being 5ft deep, it was about 6ft. Searching required some duck diving but I got a nice sounding target about 25 minutes into the search in about 5ft of water. I pulled up the target and found a yellow gold engagement ring sitting at the bottom of my scoop. It was Evelyn’s ring!