Lost 2ct Tiffany Diamond Engagement Ring... Found!

Saturday March 16th:

Marie and Steve were enjoying the day at the Kaneohe Bay Sandbar when Marie’s 2-carat Tiffany diamond engagement ring flew off her finger after catching a ball. I received a call from Steve around 7PM and agreed to help.

Sunday March 17th:

I met Steve and Marie at the Kaneohe Bay Marina at 10AM. After hearing the story of Marie’s lost engagement ring, the marina’s manager was kind enough to allow us to hitch a ride to the sandbar on their safety boat. We reached the sandbar about 10 minutes later to find the sandbar congested with about 20 boats anchored. The water was approximately ankle-deep and glassy but after 3 hours of searching, no ring.

Sunday March 24th:

Marie and Steve had already left the island by this point. However, I arranged to have the safety boat take me back out to the sandbar to continue the search. It was drizzling during the boat ride out and after 2 hours of searching, the drizzle turned into a downpour and the wind and waves picked up so we decided to head back to shore.

Saturday March 30th:

My buddy Preston and I rented a boat from the marina then headed out to the sandbar. The weather was great and there was a negative tide. Within about 5 minutes and after 3 weeks of searching, I finally found Marie’s ring, just barely under the surface of the sand. As soon as we got back into town, we found the nearest FedEx store and shipped the ring to Marie via 2nd day air. Here she is with her ring back on her finger.