Moscow ks ring finder

  • from Moscow (Kansas, United States)

This is my first post, I am looking forward to helping someone out. 620-428-1306

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  1. Carol VanNahmen says:

    Hi Justin: my husband is helping with sorghum harvest near Cimarron. On Sunday, he got out of the combine to clean the windows, pulled off his glove and apparently his wedding ring came off. He did not realize he had lost it until later that evening. He thinks he has an idea of where in the field he had stopped. I will be going out there from Manhattan today. We plan to see if we can find it, but if we can’t, is this the type of search you do? Is Cimarron too distant from Moscow? You could call my husband, Alan VanNahmen, 812-343-2370, or me, Carol VanNahmen, 785-770-7648. Probably better to talk with Alan.

    Thanks so much.

    1. Called Alan happy to hear he found it.

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