Lost, White Gold Wedding Band near Whistler Olympic Park...Found!

from Whistler (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-604-848-4030


I got an email from a fellow who lost his White gold wedding band while watching the”Tough Mudder” competiton, held in the Whistler B.C. Olympic Park. I called Manfred back right away, as the sooner you call the better chance you have of getting it back. We arranged to meet that evening and search for the lost ring. We met at the gate house up there and were confronted by security, I’t didn’t look like they were going to let us in as it was getting pretty late. Manfred was so concerned about his ring and I could tell it was killing him as we were so close to getting it back. Nothing we could do but wait untill the next morning to come back and search. I am always eager to get the item back to it’s owner, so we met up at the same spot early the next day. The competition was on again and people were starting to show up. We drove in, parked and walked about 5 minutes to the hill where he and his wife climbed up to get a better view the day before and he slipped, that’s how the ring was lost. Detector in hand and ready to go, I started to search! The hill was steep and covered with long wet grass. I slipped a few times myself trying to get up it but, a few minutes in and I got a great signal from my machine. I looked through the grass and there was the large gold ring! He was soooo happy to see it again and I was very happy to help!

 Love this job! 

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  1. Manfred Guenther says:

    Thanks Justin for finding my ring . I was sick to my stomach worrying about it . I’m glad I took a chance in contacting you so late in the day . Also want to thank you for being patient with me the night security didn’t let us in . I thought for sure you wouldn’t come back the next day from Squamish (approxamently one hour drive away)

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