Lost gold class ring found near Squamish Chief. Found!

from Whistler (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-604-848-4030

Well, it’s been a while since my last call but I’m always eager to get out there and find the next. So I was on my way home and decided to grab a bite to eat when I received an email for a lost ring. Dinner aside, I arranged a plan for the recovery of the lost ring. It had been lost for a few weeks and was on the owners mind for some time. With the wonderful world of technolagy, I was able to request a Google maps image of the area in which it was lost. I raced home to grab my equipment as I was only about 10 minuts away from the area. By the time I got back I had the satilite image of the area in my palm. A few minuts later, the ring was in my palm! I phoned Gordon right away and let him know his  gold class ring was safe in my hand. We arranged a time and place to meet. He was so happy to see it back on his finger and was amazed that I was able to find it so quick, You gotta love it! Another recovery…Love love love it!!! Glad I could help!

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  1. Manfred Guenther says:

    Thank you Justin !!!!!!!! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think obout our success in finding my ring. If I didn’t take a chance and find you through your web site I would be thinking about how I gave up to easy . The monetary value was erelivant but the sentimental value is Eriplaceable . I thought that finding my ring was worse than finding a needle in a hay stack . There was approxamently 15,000 people there over the weekend. The fact that nobody found the ring astonishes me. another thing that really impressed me was how fast Justin responded to my email. it was a matter of minutes. Justin literally dropped everything that he was doing and came out to Whistler from Squamish . even after being turned away by security that night Justin was willing to come back the next day. The trip from Squamish to Whistler takes over an hour . the crazy thing was after we got back up to the spot where I lost my ring it only took a few minutes for him to find it. I’ve worked with metal detectors before and seeing Justin’s success in such a short time is remarkable. A big thank you to Justin once again I would recommend him for anybody that lost any valuables.

    Manfred. 🙂

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