Lost, Large GOLD RING in front of the Blackcomb Day Lodge...FOUND in the SNOW!

from Whistler (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-604-848-4030

I got the call last night, just before dark, from a man who had lost his gold ring while wrestling with his friends in the snow. I called Jonny back right away, he was very worried he would never see his ring again. The ring had a crest on it and had been in his family for many many years. something like this could not be replaced. He asked me if I was able to come up the next day and look for it, I told him he would be able to sleep better tonight with the ring back on his finger(I waste no time) It was dark and very cold by the time I got to Whistler. I picked up Jonny from work, his boss was very kind and let him leave for a bit so he could show me the spot. I did all the detective work and started to search. It took me longer to set up my detector than it did to find it. Two minuts in I got my first signal. With my headlamp on I started to dig, the snow was very hard and compact as there was about six people looking for it the night before. As I was digging away, Jonny was right beside me and out poped a BIG gold ring. He couldn’t believe it, he was in shock! I dusted it off and placed it in his good hand( he was a little banged up from his wrestling match in the snow) He was so happy and I was too. I love what I do! Glad I was able to help!

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  1. Jonny Ward says:

    Justin is a life saver!! This ring means more to me than anything else I own in the world and to have it returned to me after thinking it was lost is a feeling that cannot be described in words. The service that he provides brings a lot of people much joy and relief. Thank you so much for doing what you do!!

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