Lost Gold Wedding Ring in the Callaghan Whistler B.C. olympic park...Found in over 3' of Snow!

from Whistler (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-604-848-4030


Large gold wedding band

  I recieved an e-mail from a man who had been xc skiing at the Whistler Olympic park and had lost his gold wedding band after hitting a jump and taking a tumble, not once but TWICE! lol. After a great day of skiing he was driving home and noticed his ring was missing. I called Jonas immediately, he was in the process of digging around in the snow trying to find his ring. I told him I could be there in 30 min and he met us at the gate when we got there he took us to the crash zone which was on a steep hill with about 4 feet of snow. I have to admit, when I saw the area I knew it was going to be a challenge. I hiked up and within 10 min I got a great signal and started to dig. Sure enough shining before me was a BIG gold ring. I was soooo happy to find it. I picked it up and pretended to search a bit more, as I got closer to Jonas. I told him ” Well, there is no point searching here anymore because it is not in the snow…It’s in my hand! ” The sheer look on his face was PRICLESS! I’m very happy I could help you get your ring back Jonas.Thanks to Chris Turner for giving me the opportunity to help people while doing something I love to do!

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  1. Jonas Velaniskis says:

    Hi Justin,

    Thanks a billion times again for finding my wedding ring today! I still cant believe that it is back on my finger after spending a night in the Callaghan powder. The ring is priceless to me and my wife, and fortunately I’m out of the doghouse! I would also like to thank you for such a quick response to my problem as you were on site within an hour. Not sure what I would have done otherwise.

    Keep up the awesome and priceless service you provide!


    Jonas Velaniskis

  2. Justin Lamarche says:

    I’m sooo happy I could get your ring back to you Jonas and glad your out of the dog house(it would have been a cold night)

    Take care

  3. Chris says:

    Congratulations on your ring find Justin…Look forward to reading more blogs on your recoveries!
    Chris Turner

  4. Steve Mack says:

    Hi Justin,

    So how deep was it, and what detector were you using. What vdi did it come in on. how did you have the detector set up. I also am a brother ring finder in Yakima, Washington and recently recovered a ring for a man. He lost it in the snow as well. Just wanted to see how you do it.

    Great hunt, and keep it up.


    1. Justin Lamarche says:

      Hi Steve,

      I am always willing to help. The ring was about a foot under the snow and hit a 32 on my VDI, I was using a Minelab Xterra 705 with a 9″ (7.5khz)Search Coil. Using the detector in All Metal mode I cranked the sensitivity and backed it off about 2 clicks as I knew there would be very little to no ground mineralization. With good detective work and using the grid search method, I was able to find it within 10 min. Ask as many questions as you can about how they lost it to put yourself in the best possible area. Hope this helps and feel free to contact me for any othe questions you have. Also, congrats on your recent find!
      Take care!

  5. Mark Harden says:

    Hello, so i also lost my white gold wedding ring in the snow. i am almost positive i know where i lost it, i was working up on a power pole and reached into my back pocket and my ring got stuck (like it always does) i then finished all my work, cleaned up around the pole and house then while driving home realixed it wasent on my finger anymore. I went back and searched for like 3hrs and no luck. we tryed using a metal detector but it isnt specically for gold and had no luck, we were picking up alot of things as there is chain link fences around and a ground rod from the pole, having no other options i filled the back of my truck up with snow and i am letting it melt as i keep going back to search everyday. it was this past Wednesday March 16th. Do you know of anyone around Regina Saskatchewan that might be able to help me out? i had the ring custom made and it is very sentimental to me and my wife. Any help and all would be extremely appreciated!!!

    1. Chris Turner says:

      Hello Mark,
      Please leave me a contact number and I’ll help you if someone hasn’t already.
      Chris Turner

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