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Lost a ring or Jewelry in Pembroke Pines, FL or Hollywood FL i can find it!

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Whether in the water waist deep,in tall grass, sands, or parks I will find your ring or jewelry. I have reconnected many with their beloved jewelry or other metal items over the years.

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How to find your diamond ring when its lost.

  • from Pembroke Pines (Florida, United States)

It has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. You look down, and your beautiful diamond is not where it’s supposed to be on your finger. Your heart skips a beat, your mind kicks into overdrive, and for a split second you wonder if you’re in some kind of bad dream. We know how terrible it can be to lose a diamond, and that’s why we’re sharing our best tips and tricks to help you find it again.

Fluorescence is your friend. Many diamonds will give off a colored luminescence when placed under ultraviolet light. This is normally invisible, but you can use a black light in a dark room to make the effect stand out. A diamond with strong blue fluorescence, for instance, will exhibit a blue glow in under a black light making it much easier to pick out from its surroundings.

Hire a professional? If your entire ring is missing (not just the diamond), and none of the tricks here have worked, you might consider hiring a local metal detector. There are professionals that specialize in finding lost jewelry that might be able to locate your ring if you know the general area that it should be in. This isn’t a service that we have used before, so we can’t give any recommendations, but we wanted to mention it as an option to keep in mind.


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