Wedding Ring Recovered

  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

I recieved a call from Chad on Friday morning, asking if I could help him locate his wedding ring. Chad said he was doing some yard work and put his ring in his pocket, which then slipped out when he took out his phone. I told Chad I would be available after I got off work.

I arrived at Chad’s house at about 5:30 and spoke to Chad, who said he had dug a trench in his backyard and moved the dirt to the front yard to make flower beds. Chad said he believed he lost the ring in the back yard area when he took a break.

I scanned the dirt piles in the front just to cover all the areas and upon moving to the backyard, I recovered Chad’s ring in about twenty minutes hiding in deep grass near the trench. Chad was very happy to have his ring back.

Thank you for the reward Chad, very much appreciated.

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