Found Diamond Ring Indianapolis, Indiana

  • from Indianapolis (Indiana, United States)

On Thursday, January 5th, I received an email form a gentleman who lost a diamond ring while throwing something out of his car window. He was very distraught and said that he was so worried that he couldn’t sleep. He asked that I come at 9:00 AM the next morning but I was already committed. I arrived at his apartment complex on the south side of Indianapolis the following Saturday morning. He took me to the area where he had lost the ring. He had been frantically searching the area since Thursday evening but came up empty handed. The area was at the entrance to the apartment complex. The area had some snow on it as well as a lot of tracks from where he had been searching. The ground was frozen because the temperature was at zero and had been that way for the past several days. I used my Garrett Ace 400 for the search. The the space was a high trash area next to the street and I began to get a lot of signals. After about 40 minutes, I found his ring. Hearing the joy & relief in his voice was very rewarding. I made a video and will post it later – still trying to master the video editing software that I bought.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Great job, John! I hopefully will be joining from Muncie shortly!

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