Two Years Ago Today, Lost Engagement Ring Recovered on Boca Grande….

  • from Boca Grande (Florida, United States)

I received a call two years ago today about a lost engagement ring on Boca Grande. The ring had been lost in water for 3 days. I was in Clearwater, Florida the day, I received the call; drove to Boca Grande early the next morning. I began doing a grid pattern search in sand; the owner of ring wasn’t exactly sure where ring was lost. The grid search was to no avail; I began searching water. I made one 40-50 yard sweeps in water extremely close to shore; towards the end of the sweep, I got a solid tone; it took 2 deep scoop attempts; the 2nd scoop produced her beautiful platinum ring. What made this find “Incredible” was, I found her ring on the 20th year to the day Proposal with the ring!!!


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