Lost Ring Swimming Encinitas

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

I got a voice mail from Frank about a lost gold wedding ring in the water. I called him right away to set up a meet.

I decided to go alittle early cause low tide would be late. We met about 6:00 pm and I told Frank and his family might be 8 pm before I get it. They went for walk around town while I started to grid into waist deep water.

  • Total search aprox one hour from the time I got there but 15 min after they went to town.  I called Frank and said I got something for you. You could hear in his voice the excitement. So I went to my truck and drove to the parking lot to meet up for the return and the smile picture for the book of Smiles. 


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  1. Frank Hernandez Sr. says:

    My son was in Encinitas to help us celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. My wife and I grew up here (me from Encinitas & my wife from Oceanside) but now live in Oregon. When my son lost his wedding ring in waist deep water at Moonlight Beach, I thought it was gone. We were all a very sad. I could not believe anyone could find it. When we heard it had been found we couldn’t have been more excited. The Ring Finder saved our whole trip. He returned to Oregon today as a very happy man thanks to the dedication and talent of the Ring Finder.

  2. Frank Hernandez Jr.(pitured with John) says:

    So, on the last day of our vacation in sunny San Diego, I was riding some waves with my family in the ocean. On my final wave, I wrecked (if you don’t wreck, you are not trying) when the leash became entangled, of all places around my left hand. The board, pushed by the power of the wave created tremendous pressure and yanked my wedding ring off of my finger. It was like slow motion as the ring popped off and descended in the murky water. I made an attempt to catch it before it sank to the bottom. I think I felt it once on my hand but the pass was incomplete. I looked, my family looked, by standers helped me look, but we could not find it.

    I called John Hughes with theringfindes.com. He waited for the tide to start going back out, but was there almost immediately. He asked for nothing, except a chance to help.

    About an hour later, her returned my ring. Never once did he mention anything about compensation. The reward I gave him was tiny compared to the Karma I will pay forward on his behalf.

    Thank you John Hughes


    1. John says:

      I love what I am able to do for people. Spread the word.

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