Lost Ring in Ocean, Encinitas Cal.

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

Just starting our BBQ and I get a call from Heather. My husband lost his ring couple hrs ago in the ocean, any chance you could help us find it. ?

After 8min of questions I told her by the tide chart I would go 11 pm.  She said she didnt want me to go at that time but when I told her if I dont,  U wont get it back.  She agreed.  After dinner I texted to see if Rich could meet me to cut the search time down.

He said he got a friend to come with him since they are 45 min away.  So we will meet at 11 pm.

I showed up 20 min early and started a grid. 4 or 5 passes and bingo.

Up comes a heavy White Gold wedding band. Now how can I mess with Rich when he gets here. Im 60′ past the recovery spot when i see two guys walkin up to me.  So Rich what kind a ring, big, heavy or thin and light. ?

He says “Oh its heavy ” as I throw a ring at his feet and say like this. He looks down and picks it up, OMG, yep just like this. He face said it all. I am so lucky to be able to help people, An d I love what I do.  Make people smile :