Lost Ring Encinitas, in ocean

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

Just started the bbq and get a call from Heather.  We were given your number to help find a lost ring. After asking all the questions I needed I told her I would go at 11 pm. She didnt really like me goin at that hour till I told her,  if I dont you wont get it back. She agreed.

After dinner I sent text for drawing on where they were in the water and how deep.  I also asked if Rich could meet me there to cut down the hunt time.

Rich texted back he would meet at 11 pm.

Fast forward I go a little early and start a grid, 4-5 passes and I’ve got a beautifull Heavy White Gold ring in my hand, and Rich (owner) isnt even here yet.  I keep detecting down the beach about 50′ and see 2 guys comeing up to me.  As I ask Rich, so heavy or light, fat or thin.?

I drop the ring by his feet and say something like this,  he picks it up and his face said it all. Then he says, Yep just like this.  Stoked to be the one to make him smile, I love what I do.

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  1. Good job John!!

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