• from Carlsbad (California, United States)

imageGot a text message that said, a friend lost a gold chain. Can you help him ? Didnt know who it was so I asked ?

It’s Coop, ah its our Highschool coach image
Denny Cooper. Within a few mins I get a phone call,  As I get the info on the loss and the landmarks he remembers and that it was lost yesterday on a highly hunted beach,  I agree to go now. He cant get away till noon but time is a factor. 

As I get to the area and start to grid I see another guy detecting 1/4 mile to the south but coming my way kinda fast.  As he gets close I go over to him before he gets to area of loss.  I introduce myself and explain I on a call for a lost item. He was very cool and said good luck and I’ll go back the other way.  Most guys detecting are very cool in this kinda case.

So 2 plus hours later , nothing .   I make a call and he just got off and is on his way down.  Im up at the street to meet him. He shows up at a stairway 1/4 mile north.  As I get to him he says , I gave you the wrong two lifegaurd towers. We were way over there.  Thats Great cause it isnt over there, Ha.

As we get to area, only two people near area who offer to move but we start next to them.  Four or 5 passes and scoop. As it comes up the gold chain is hanging thru the mesh.  The look on his face, so cool. Big hug and we start walking back to the cars talking about the hunt. All ended well for him.