Carlsbad Lost Ring

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

Yesterday a friend who I saw detecting called to say I was good luck. He found a nice Gold ring right after I had stopped to say hi. He asked if I could help him find the owner. I told him about posting it and a few tips to make sure he doesn’t hand it to the wrong person.

Well today he called and asked me to be part of the return.  I replied its your find, and Im just glad I could help.

Owner saw his post and got in touch thru email. She was already back in Germany but whould  have her friend who lives here pick it up.

So I meet Paul at one of our local beaches for support. As the man shows up he is wearing an Id badge from his work. TaylorMade. Ring handed over as he says to Paul, I know you asked for nothing but I had to do something.

He brought Paul a new hat and a gift card. The picture is of both of them Smilein..

Thank you Paul for your support and a GREAT RETURN.

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  1. Scott Kimsey says:

    Hi John,

    I lost my ring last summer at Carlsbad beach…right in front of Maple St. The ring has a Hawaiian floral print and is engraved with our wedding date: 9-11-92, and “1 Corinthian 13”.

    I realize it’s been awhile now, but would love to get the ring back.

    Thanks, Scott

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