Lost Ring On The Beach

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

imageGot a late morning call for a wedding ring lost day before on a beach that gets hunted everyday by someone.  I was on the beach 10 mins later. They marked out the area and I started to grid. But 3 or 4 people all had different areas they thought she had been in.

People were setting up for the day so couldnt do it all and no ring found. I told her I would return that eve. I did call a few people that detect there just in case it was found by a early bird that day.  Fast forward to 5:00 pm, I wait for some clearing of the area and start the grid. After 30 min or so I get a nice hit, it had been pushed 5-8″ deep.

The lady had gone whale watching with family but her Dad had stayed. Their condo was on the beach so he had come down and sat on the stairs.

When it came up in the scoop I think I may have yelled. YES…. Before I threw my scoop in the air..Her Dad stands up and heads over, on the floor above them 13-15 people who knew what was going on, started cheering.. Never give up… This is the pic I texted her,

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  1. Nick Richards says:

    A great-looking ring and an interesting photograph with the critter. Well done John.
    Things have become very quiet over here with winter and I’m suffering ring finding withdrawal symptoms. Good to see you guys busy on the other side of the globe though 👍

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