Lost Keys Carlsbad Beach

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

Durning a high tide week I was detecting when a lifegaurd tells me a man at another beach had lost his key when the high tide washed over the whole beach to the cliff. He gave him my number. 2 hrs later no call so I head to the area. Within 10 mins on the beach detecting I see this guy walking over, He had the look and walk. I bet you lost your keys. He smiles and replies yep thats me. Well lets go getum. As we get to the area I can see someone used a rake. He says that Lady in the condo loaned it to me but 1 1/2 hrs nothing. There is a river of water knee deep up against the cliff so I wade in and start  clearning the area. Nothing, wow. Ok lets follow the water flow. Aprox 60/80′ away we find this Big set of keys pushed up under the edge of the iceplant . Wow, water had some power that day. Find out he is a local pastor in Fallbrook. He had a friend with him and they were both stoked. Glad I got to meet them both. image