Ring lost in 2014, reurned a year later

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

On another Leak Detection I meet a man, Ray Sharpe. He is at his daughters house to help with a leak in her main water service. As we talk and he see’s my RingFinders lic plate frame he tells me he wished he met me last year, I ask why’s that ? He shows me his hand without a ring on it. 47 yrs he tells me he wore his wedding ring that was made for him. So I ask where did you lose it. He tells me the story of diggin at the beach with his grandson and comin home with no RING. He bought a detector and tried to find the ring with no luck and gave up. So now knowing where it was lost, I ask what does it look like and I’ll put it out to all the guys. As soon as he says, 4 dimonds going left and 4 dimonds goin right, my head drops. Ok get a piece of papper and draw it for me. (I knew I had it already) I told him I might have it, Watch my tools and I’ll run home and be right back. As I get in the van to leave his daughter comes to my van and asked if I really think I have it. I scroll thru my pics and bring it up. THATS IT. OMG. I must say this was a special ring the min I dug it while lookin for a lost Plat ring for someone else. (Found too)
It had my lucky number ( 8 ) dimonds on it but it had something more. A feeling I have never had in 20 yrs of detecting. I posted the find on CL but no body claimed. It became my SPECIAL RING, I wore it on special days.
As I pull in their driveway with ring in hand I know why this is
(was) so special.
I walk up to Ray as he holds out his hand and drop his special ring in his hand. At this point I dont remember all that was said and dont really care. I know this cannot be topped in my lifetime
and I am thankfull to be a part in this story. I made a friend.
1 in a Billion.(?) I think so. imageimage

7 Replies to “Ring lost in 2014, reurned a year later”

  1. Jim Wren says:

    Awesome story and return John. Great job!!!!

  2. John, you’re the absolute best. You’ve made so many people happy with stories like this!

  3. Dave Millman says:

    Amazing story, John!

  4. Chris Turner says:

    The chances of that happening are like 1 in 40 million! That is crazy John…Way to find that smile!

  5. Mark Rubey says:

    Great story John! What was it that Han Solo said in Star Wars?…”don’t tell me the odds”? Ok, I won’t, because I can’t count that high!

  6. Curtis Cox says:

    I remember the day john Dug up that ring in a small cobble field while searching for a mans platinum ring that was lost and returned to the owner days later.As John and I were finishing up our hunt gridding..he gets a few last signals..I’m standing,watching as he digs up a target,immediately starts laughing very loud Looking up at the sky then shows me a gold band with 8 diamonds wich…is his most lucky number! What a great day For King Neptune and the World 🙂

  7. Matthew Fry says:

    Great job John!!! I had a return yesterday and the feeling just never goes away. My new philosophy in life is now going to be ” It’s just awesome being Awesome!!!” Keep up the good work and be awesome!

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