Lost Engagement Ring, Beacons Beach, Ca.

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

Monday morning get a frantic phone call, I am at Becons beach and my girlfriend dropped her ring. I am only five min away so I’ll be right over.

When I get there I see a guy walking back and forth at the bottom of the cliff. Grab the detector and head down. I meet Scott and he tells me he’s been looking for two days with a rented detector.

It’s late morning and the beach is gettin more and more people coming down. I grid 100′ X 50′ for a couple hours but no ring, few coins and hand full of trash. I tell him I will come back at sunset and bring my partner Curtis Cox.

5:00 pm I go down onto the beach to meet up with Scott again, I tell him Curtis is on his way and I start on my grid again. I cover the whole area again but slower, Curtis shows up and starts working the area we believe it to be in.

After he works over close to me, I stop to tell Scott I need to shut down and let Curtis work over this area, cause he’ll find it. 15 seconds later Curtis breaks out laughing, shakeing his scoop with a ting ting ting. He couldn’t even speak. Two days of heart break is washed away with cheers from all the people on the cliff watching the sunset and us…

5 Replies to “Lost Engagement Ring, Beacons Beach, Ca.”

  1. Bill Jones says:

    Great job, saw the video coverage excellent!

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Great work to the both of you guys! Way to team up and find that beautiful ring and great Smiles! Fantastic News Story as well…

  3. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go to the both of you for finding that beautiful ring for that young couple! You both worked hard to find those Smiles and you found them!!!
    Also great story on Fox news!!! Happy Hunting!

  4. Stan Ross says:

    Great Story. As many years experience as you have I know you have many more stories. I know that it takes a while to do these posts, but we need to share these good stories. The news today is full of negative articles. Keep up the good work.

  5. Curtis Cox says:

    Thank you ALL. With out ALL of you I would not be doing this at ALL. Well I guess some “kid or young buck” had to climb up this mountain:) Thnks

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