Betws-y-coed lost ring a needle in a haystack

  • from Cheshire (England, United Kingdom)


Having had a request from Mr & Mrs Alun and Nerys Davies of Dylasau Islaf Stud Farm Betws-y-coed Wales to find Nerys lost diamond platinum ring lost in April this year in lambing season.  The loss of the ring happened during a stressful moment in the large lambing shed where a Ewe was giving birth and had extream difficulties Alun tried to ease the baby lamb into the world but found a slender hand was needed and Nerys was the one to help the Ewe give birth so she removed her ring and gave it to a friend who put it in her pocket for safe keeping, after the successful birth of the lamb and the emergency situation was over Nerys asked for her ring and as her friend pulled a glove from her pocket and the ring fell out onto the floor of the lambing shed which is a bed of straw the ring was lost.

After many attempts to find the ring which is a matching ring to Aluns including numerous friends scanning the lambing shed floor they could not find the ring and ever since every time they go into the shed they have the aggravation of knowing its still there somewhere but they can not find it.

Alun came across an extensive article on the BBC website about  “The man saving marriages” Richard Higham a fellow ringfinder from Bournemouth also  Chris Turner the founder of Theringfinders and contacted myself as the nearest ringfinder to search for the ring.

My wife and I  arrived the next morning after a long drive greeted by the Davies family and set searching the shed for many hours unfortunately without success, it was a failure in one way but on the other hand a success as it gave them a little finality and coming to terms with the possibility that the ring might not ever be found  we thought of many possibilities like it could of attached itself to a sheep fleece that lay in the shed and could still be attached however they feel more relaxed now that we all gave it our best shot and can move on.

Nerys then treated us to a hearty lunch in thier 17th century oak beamed kitchen with her family it was a memory never to be forgotten although we had failed to find the ring there was an air of happiness and Oh Well lets move on.





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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Good effort John, We don’t always find what we’re your looking for but at least you gave it your best!

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