Lost car keys Nantwich Cheshire satisfied customer

  • from Cheshire (England, United Kingdom)

Phone call Friday evening 2100 Debbie Yearsley lost her car keys in a field and  needs to find them ASAP she lives at Reaseheath Agricultural college Nantwich and lost her keys in sillage grass in a farmers field down the Wettenhall road near Bar Bridge I have agreed to go and attempt to find the car keys at 08.30 Saturday morning


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Meeting up with Debbie at Reaseheath College entrance Saturday morning 08:30 she was with her son Sam we went to the place she had lost her keys when walking her two dogs at Bar bridge Wettenhall road a very big sillage field with grass about 1 foot deep however she had an idea where she lost them.  I had a spare detector and gave it to Sam to use. I set my Deus detector to Gold field program which is fab for finding surface items and did 3 scans up and down the area in question and “hey presto” I found the keys and got a big hug of thanks. They then invited me back home for a quick cup of tea and meet the two dogs and in gratitude presented me with a nice bottle of red wine.


4 Replies to “Lost car keys Nantwich Cheshire satisfied customer”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Nice going John…Keys are very important and some times people only have i set of keys…

  2. John Cookson says:

    Hi Chris
    Thanks for your comments Chris its a really good feeling to help someone in a bad situation, I hope for more opportunities like you have had.
    Regards John

    1. Chris Turner says:

      I’m sure you will get more calls…Even in the winter months people are losing their rings & keys…

  3. John Cookson says:

    Mark Yearsley Debbies husband kindly wrote an open cheque in gratitude to which I donated to the Crewe and Nantwhich Metal Detecting Society.
    Many thanks Mark.

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