Grandmother's Lost ring Found in Victoria by RINGFINDER, JIM!

from Cowichan Valley (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-250-732-5504

Just this morning as I cruised the lost items in the ” USEDVICTORIA ” web site I came across this plea for help:

Lost – 1 yellow gold ring with 3 diamonds. It has EXTREME sentimental value. I am willing to pay a reward for it’s return. If you found it PLEASE contact me. My heart is broken at the thought of it being gone.

I contacted the person by email, and a short time later her return email asked me to come to her home to help find this precious lost ring.
On arriving at the house I chatted with the young lady to narrow down the search area. We started on an area outside the yard where she was afraid it may have dropped. After a few passes, I had covered most of that area, and thought we should try in the yard. Narrowing down the target area to a 20 x 20 foot section, I continued a grid pattern, with the young student explaining that she had just moved from Edmonton, and that this ring was so very special to her, as her Grandmother had personally given it to her, literally on her death bed.  Both of us were starting to get a little discouraged as I had covered most of this area, and as we were still chatting I was up against the concrete walkway, against the stairs and near a metal stake, when I started getting the strong distinctive tone of something in the tall grass. As I bent over and parted the grass, I reached down and I used the same phrase I always use.  ” Does your ring look something like this ?” at which I reached out to her with the ring in my fingers. 

I had realized that this young lady, a student, couldn’t offer a huge reward for having found this precious & cherished ring, but her reward to me multiplied ten-fold when I saw the look on her face, and the genuine tears of relief when she clasped the ring in her hands. Her thanks and the picture speak volumes. This was a great day for both of us, my success, and her treasured memories returned.


Grandma’s ring returned to tearful student.


Treasured Diamond Ring Found

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