Wedding ring lost in Duncan school field, found again by Jim

from Cowichan Valley (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-250-732-5504

This Monday being a Holiday in Canada I was taking it easy around the house when my cell phone rang. The caller had been searching for over a week for his wife’s wedding ring lost at the local school.   The rainy day caused a delay to my start,  Luckily the husband had taken a photo of where the family had been in relation to the baseball diamond, so I had an excellent starting point, on a large grassy field.  I oriented my search to the photo, and after a few minutes the sound of success rang in my ears. A few minutes later I presented the lady with her ring, she could hardly believe that I had found her ring so quickly, as she had considered it  lost forever. With her spontaneous hug, and thanks and her beaming smile, I felt satisfied to have recovered this treasure for them. One more success for TheRingFinder on Vancouver Island.

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