Diamond Ring Lost, Ring Found in Victoria!

from Cowichan Valley (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-250-732-5504

I got an email last night through theRingFinders website connection.

The email indicated some urgency so I immediately called the couple  back to set up an appt. for the next morning. I left early to go see this couple who had lost her cherished Heirloom Wedding ring. Arriving at their home in North Saanich ( near Victoria ), Michael told me of their previous day gardening & playing with their two daughters around the large  yard. At the end of their day, at bedtime, his Wife realized  that she was missing this special gold and diamond ring.  Needless to say, the couple spent a restless night reviewing  their days activities in their mind, and where they had spent the day around their 1 acre property.
My search started nearest their house, around the trees and flower beds. Gradually I worked my way back through the yard to an area of lawn where the girls, and their Mom had played in the grass. Working back and forth in that patch of grass, I had my Detector turned to low sensitivity to pick up only the surface ‘ hits ‘. Within a short while I had a strong signal, then pinpointing the area, I kneeled down, and saw the glint of gold, and knew I hit Success!
Here is the unsolicited email of gratitute from Michael, with his pictures taken right after the ring recovery.  Mike was very happy,
and relieved, if not somewhat surprised that I was able to find this prized ring so quickly.

” Dear Jim,

 Thank you so much for helping us find my wife’s wedding ring. It holds a lot of sentimental value not to mention the 1 carat diamond set in it! She designed the ring using the gold and a diamond from an heirloom ring passed on by her grandmother.
 My daughters refer to your metal detector as the ‘magic wand’, and I think of you as the ‘magician’. What a wonderful hobby you have, we would be delighted to promote your services to everyone we know. ”

Many thanks!
Michael, Samantha, Anika and Kalina
Chalet Creek Farm and Garden
North Saanich, BC

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  1. That’s a nice ending. The ring reunited with the lovely owner. How good people like you are to find a needle in a haystack. Great job!

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