Lost Wedding Ring in Cancun Mexico

from Cancun (Mexico)
Contact: 1-998-251=8205


My name is Jesse I joined The Ring Finders to help people find their lost rings here in Cancun, Mexico and the surrounding area…if you lost something and need it found contact me and I’ll do my best to find it for you.

I look forward to finding what you thought was lost forever!
Regards, Jesse Stone

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Welcome to The Ring Finders Jesse, I look forward to seeing the smiles you’ll find in the future. Happy Hunting, Chris Turner

  2. jacqui says:

    hi is the ring engraved by any chance…as someone has found one…recently…

    1. Christina says:

      I found a ring in Cancun with an inscription?

    2. Christina says:

      What was the inscription

  3. Sarah says:

    Someone on fb has found a ring in Mexico x

  4. Cris Arias says:

    Hi, I lost my engagement ring while on vacation in Cancun in June 2015. I took the ring off in my room at Imperial Las Perlas Resort before going out on a tour to Loma Bonita. The ring was gone when I came back, and never found. I’ve tried a number of times to get in contact with the resort to no avail. ๐Ÿ™

  5. Eric Bartelink says:


    I lost my white gold wedding ring at the Dolphin Discovery Riviera Maya (Puerto Aventuras). I pulled out a shirt from the locker, and it went rolling down the hill into the lagoon (not in the actual sea mammal section). It is probably in 4-5 feet of water right off the edge. The address is: Manzana 23, Plano 1 Lote 11, Centro Comercial Marina Puerto Aventuras, 77400 Puerto Aventuras, Q.R., Mexico
    +52 1 866 393 5158

    The ring is a circular white gold band with a rope design along each edge. My wife and I were on our honeymoon, and just got married in May of 2015. The ring was lost on Tuesday, August 4th, 2015. The staff helped us search for it and I am confident no one picked it up off the ground. I didn’t see it roll but it’s a heavy ring and very round. We searched everywhere, so I think it has to be in the water. I heard it hit the ground so I know if fell out of my shirt pocket.

    If found, please let me know the finder’s fee.

    Eric Bartelink

  6. Robyn says:

    I lost 2 diamond rings on my October vacation. Riu Palace Peninsula, Cancun. I assume they fell out of my jewelry pouch in my room safe. Stayed 10/2-10/10/2016 room 818. 1 is a cocktail ring w/2 diamonds inscription from jeweler; 2nd is 1st ring my husband gave me and has 2 rows of diamonds- both gold. Very sad…

  7. Peter Ryans says:

    Hi Jesse,

    So you do beach metal detecting and dry sand metal detecting?

    I lost my ring ON THE BEACH IN THE OCEAN. I’ve sent you an email.

    Please help this male enhancement ring finding fee

    1. KP says:

      Hi, I recently found a ring in the ocean north of Playa del Carmen. Please email me if you think this could be your ring.

  8. KP says:

    FOUND- GOLD BAND FOUND OUTSIDE THE FIVES HOTEL ABOUT 7 MILES NORTH OF PLAYA DEL CARMEN. This band has engravings on the inside so please contact me with proof that its yours and I will send it back immediately.

  9. Claire says:

    Hello! May be a long shot but I stayed at RIU Lupita in Playa Del Carmen between March 18 to 25th. At checkout I had taken off my engagement ring and put it in my carry-on bag. As I finished packing I had had to move some things around and my ring fell out (somewhere either on the bed or floor). The bag was never disturbed again after I left the room. I notified the hotel but they said no one had found it. I am not sure if maybe it got swept up and out the patio (we were in room 1313-ground floor) or if it got tossed into the wash in the sheets. I know for sure it wasn’t stolen (just left behind on accident). It’s not even a year old ๐Ÿ™ Is there any way that maybe pawn shops could be checked? I told the hotel there would be a cash reward if found. I have a photo of it.

    If you can help, great, and if not, thank you anyway!! Cheers from Canada!

  10. George says:

    We lost a diamond ring on the beach opposite the Now Jade Riviera resort. It has a silver band with a 1/2 carat diamond on it. If somebody finds it, please let me know, since it has a lot of sentimental value.

    Thanks in advance,


  11. jo powell says:

    My husband lost his wedding band at Now Sapphire Rivieria Cancun. We believe on the beach at building 5, or along the beach. Lost 5/10 or 5/11/17.
    White gold with inside inscription.

  12. Hunter Cox says:

    Hey Jesse I just got married after having to push our wedding back 2 weeks due to hurricane Harvey. This is the 2nd day of our honeymoon and we are staying at the RIU PALACE RIVERIA MAYA in playa del Carmen. This happened about an hour ago sometime while I was swimming. We stayed in front of the hotel and we were in the shallow part of the 2nd cut when I lost it. I know I could find it with a metal detector. Anyhow I’m sick to my stomach as we just got married so any help whether you find it or not is worth it to me

  13. Amalia says:

    Dear Jesse,
    I am celebrating my honeymoon at Tulum and I lost my engagement ring at the beach. We looked up yesterday all day and found nothing.
    You are my only hope ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ. Please let me know if you are available to find it.

  14. Khalil says:

    Jesse, your my last how. Looking to see how much it would be to have you head over to the Hyatt Ziva hotel and scan a specific area for my wedding band. Lost it last Tuesday, 10/3/2017, and just found this website. Please let me know how much that would cost me. The ring means a lot to me and would like to see if it can be found.

  15. Telma says:

    Tried calling and e-mailing you my husband just lost his wedding ring on the shore here at golden parnassus hotel in Cancรบn please help!!!

  16. Wayne Wright says:

    Hi lost my wedding ring in cancun this week 13/12/17 its silver engraved with dates personal to me, if anyone could help would be greatly appreciated. Been staying in the Crown paradise swimming in the sea on the front of hotel

  17. Wayne Wright says:

    Hi lost my wedding ring in cancun searched for a ages. 13/12/17 silver engraved with dates personal to me. If anyone could help if found would be much appreciated thank you,

  18. Wayne Wright says:

    Was swimming in the ocean at crown paradise hotel club thanks

  19. Ashley Waack says:

    Lost antique gold initial letter โ€œaโ€ ring itโ€™s a block letter A with diamond accents. Was staying at excellence in puerto Morelos. Given by Grandma will pay money have proof in pictures cannot rebuy doesnโ€™t exists on any online search. Other letters come up but not the letter A. It sits in and half split gold band.

  20. Jackie says:

    Hi Jesse, I found a ring today in the ocean in Cancun…it does have engraving so if you hear of anyone that lost one please let me know, Iโ€™d love to find the owner!

  21. Jackie says:

    Hi Pam, sorry, that does not match the engraving on the ting I found.

  22. Noel Gil says:

    Hello Jesse, my partner just lost his ring in Playa del Carmen, about half an hour ago. She is still looking for him, how can you help us?
    I need your phone number

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