Lost Gold w/Diamonds Engagement Ring Recovered

The literal scenario of a needle in a haystack. Except the needle was a precious and sentimental engagement ring. My client helps out at a community horse stable where she was stacking hay. The ring flew off her finger and she heard it hit the side the storage shed. Sounds easy enough but after hours of searching she contacted The Ring Finders. After a brief moment in the storage unit, I realized it was a converted shipping container, aka – a big metal box. No detector or amount of detecting experience was going to help. We had to revert to basics to find the ring. We diligently removed and swept the hay. I ran my machine over the hay as it came out of the metal box. It was about 10 minutes into this process that we found the ring sitting on the metal floor of the container. Relief and Joy.

Relief and Joy!

Can you spot the ring?

Sitting under the hay.

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