Another Lost Wedding Ring Recovered in Harlem

One of the common scenarios that The Ring Finders come across is “Ive lost some weight and my ring is too big so it slips off my finger easily”. This is was happened to Tim. While walking through the park, Tim flicked his wrist and he felt his ring fly off his finger. He searched the area but couldn’t find it. That was until he found the Ring Finders. I met Tim and he explained where he thought it had landed. Using my experience and a little bit of reactmeant, I determined the ring was actually  on the other side of the path and not where Tim thought it had landed. Tim was a bit hesitant to search that area but as soon as he walked over to the spot I pointed out, Tim found the ring laying on the ground.  I didn’t even get to use my machine to find it. This was a good result and a reminder that taking a step back and accessing the situation can be just as useful as a metal detector

The ring flung off the hand and flew from that tree to where I took this pic.

Always good to see the ring back in the hands of the it’s rightful owner.


2 Replies to “Another Lost Wedding Ring Recovered in Harlem”

  1. Malisa Gomez says:

    Hi my name is Malisa Gomez I lost my wedding ring and would like some help finding it back please help,

    1. Jeronimo says:

      Thanks for contacting me. I have responded directly to your Email.

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