Lost Engagement Ring Found Fast in Brooklyn Streets

Lost Ring Found Fast!


Kay had only been married 7 days when she lost her engagement ring! This beautiful and expensive piece of art was what had helped her endure 2 years of a long distance relationship. The newly weds were completely at a loss as this held great emotional value. They were so worried about losing the ring, Kay had actually taken it off and put it in a pouch to keep it sage. She put it in her pock

et and somewhere between parking and going for coffee, it had fallen out of her pocket. Complicating the situation was that they had realized it was lost long after they had returned to Chicago. Luckily they found The Ring Finders and we sprung into action. Since this was a ring lost in an urban area, I had prepared all the fliers to put up in the area and was posting on the community boards. But we didn’t need to put them up.

It had been raining for the last week and it c


rossed my mind that perhaps the ring had gone into a puddle, obscuring it from site. The pouch had blended into the puddle but I used a hand held detector to drag through the water and I got a hit. I was correct! The ring was still there.