Quick recovery in Central Park NYC

  • from New York (New York, United States)

Aditya was tossing a football around when he felt his ring go flying from his finger. He frantically looked all over with no luck. That night his friends recommended buying a metal detector. But Aditya did a little research and found a better option, he found The Ring Finders!

I arrived early and spoke with the parks department to allow us to hunt for the ring, metal detectors are forbidden in the park.

We quickly got to the area where Aditya was playing football. Within half an hour it was back on his hand and he was heading back on the subway to Queens a very happy man.

Can you spot the ring? “Eyeballing” lost rings can be difficult. But our Metal Detectors can catch them with ease.

Another happy recovery! (trust me, that’s a really happy New Yorker)


No matter the price of the ring, the only true worth is the sentimental value. Was happy to have been able to get this back to Aditya.