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White Gold and Diamonds 💍 recovered

  • from New York (New York, United States)

This gorgeous white gold and Diamonds engagement ring slipped off and almost never made it back to the owner’s finger if they hadn’t found The Ring Finders. After 3 days of searching on their own they turned to the internet and found us. We arranged a time to meet and had the ring back on her finger within half an hour thanks to my metal detecting

White gold and Diamonds blend into the snow and ice.

Disbelief turned into smiles as she realized the ring had been found after it being lost in the snow for 3 days.

Ring Finder Returns Diamond Ring in NYC

  • from New York (New York, United States)

The Ring Finders reunited this amazing diamond engagement ring with the the lovely owner after being contacted several days after it was lost in the snow.  This Miami transplant had never seen snow and during her excitement, she wicked her hands to get the snow off then and not only did the snow fly off, so did her ring!

Lost Platinum Engagement Ring Rescued

  • from New York (New York, United States)

This Bride-to-be lost her beautiful, valuable and extremely sentimental engagement ring while clearing her car of snow. The ring was found in the street safe and sound! Using her recollection and my metal detector, the ring was back on her finger in no time at all.

Lost Ring Found and Returned in Minutes

  • from New York (New York, United States)

A father playing in the sand at the beach with his daughter was devastated when he felt the ring slip off and drop into the sand. They searched late into the night and could not find it. Luckily,  they found  The Ring Finders directory and made contact with me and arranged to meet at daybreak. With my equipment and experience, the ring was back on his finger in under 10minutes. Relief and smiles all around!

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Lost Platinum Ring Recovered at NYC Beach

Joe was playing catch at the beach when his wedding ring fell off his finger and into the sand. They searched until the sun went down and it seemed hopeless. Luckily, one of Joe’s friends had heard of The Ring Finders and made the call. Met up with Joe the next morning and within half an hour Joe had his ring back on his finger. Smiles all around!

Another Lost Wedding Ring Recovered in Harlem

One of the common scenarios that The Ring Finders come across is “Ive lost some weight and my ring is too big so it slips off my finger easily”. This is was happened to Tim. While walking through the park, Tim flicked his wrist and he felt his ring fly off his finger. He searched the area but couldn’t find it. That was until he found the Ring Finders. I met Tim and he explained where he thought it had landed. Using my experience and a little bit of reactmeant, I determined the ring was actually  on the other side of the path and not where Tim thought it had landed. Tim was a bit hesitant to search that area but as soon as he walked over to the spot I pointed out, Tim found the ring laying on the ground.  I didn’t even get to use my machine to find it. This was a good result and a reminder that taking a step back and accessing the situation can be just as useful as a metal detector

The ring flung off the hand and flew from that tree to where I took this pic.

Always good to see the ring back in the hands of the it’s rightful owner.


Lost Engagement Ring Found Fast in Brooklyn Streets

Lost Ring Found Fast!


Kay had only been married 7 days when she lost her engagement ring! This beautiful and expensive piece of art was what had helped her endure 2 years of a long distance relationship. The newly weds were completely at a loss as this held great emotional value. They were so worried about losing the ring, Kay had actually taken it off and put it in a pouch to keep it sage. She put it in her pock

et and somewhere between parking and going for coffee, it had fallen out of her pocket. Complicating the situation was that they had realized it was lost long after they had returned to Chicago. Luckily they found The Ring Finders and we sprung into action. Since this was a ring lost in an urban area, I had prepared all the fliers to put up in the area and was posting on the community boards. But we didn’t need to put them up.

It had been raining for the last week and it c


rossed my mind that perhaps the ring had gone into a puddle, obscuring it from site. The pouch had blended into the puddle but I used a hand held detector to drag through the water and I got a hit. I was correct! The ring was still there.

Platinum Ring Lost then Found!

  • from New York (New York, United States)

Happy and relieved!


One common thing that people will do before they find and contact The Ring Finders is to go out and buy a metal detector to search on their own. I have now down several searches where the owner of a lost ring have attempted to search on their own and not find the ring. Even with it sitting On the surface of the ground, it takes experience and know how to find a ring.
This time, I was able to recover the ring quickly and in an area that was previously searched

Lost Ring Recovered in the Snow

Jose was building a snowman with his daughter when he felt his beautiful, platinum wedding band slip off his hand. Thinking it fell at his feet, he began to look for it. Next he had friends and neighbors helping him but the ring seemed to have disappeared. Rings lost in sand or snow can be pushed around and sink deeper.
Jose found The Ring Finders and we got out to him as soon as possible. With a quick sweep of the metal detector, the ring was found exactly where he thought it was. Only it had been pushed and and it was deep and impacted in the hard, stomped snow.

Quick recovery in Central Park NYC

  • from New York (New York, United States)

Aditya was tossing a football around when he felt his ring go flying from his finger. He frantically looked all over with no luck. That night his friends recommended buying a metal detector. But Aditya did a little research and found a better option, he found The Ring Finders!

I arrived early and spoke with the parks department to allow us to hunt for the ring, metal detectors are forbidden in the park.

We quickly got to the area where Aditya was playing football. Within half an hour it was back on his hand and he was heading back on the subway to Queens a very happy man.

Can you spot the ring? “Eyeballing” lost rings can be difficult. But our Metal Detectors can catch them with ease.

Another happy recovery! (trust me, that’s a really happy New Yorker)


No matter the price of the ring, the only true worth is the sentimental value. Was happy to have been able to get this back to Aditya.