Lost Ring in the Snow - Gig Harbor

  • from Gig Harbor (Washington, United States)

My name is Jeff. I joined the ringfinders to help people find lost rings, jewelery etc If you need help contact me at Jeff.Schneider@theringfinders.com

2 Replies to “Lost Ring in the Snow – Gig Harbor”

  1. Brandon Willis says:

    I believe I may have lost my ring in the snow across from my house while helping somebody push their car out of the snow. It’s directly across from my house and I haven’t been able to see the ground at all over there! Please help

    1. Jeff Schneider says:

      Hello Brandon, I’d be happy to help you find your lost ring. Please call or email me ASAP! It’s very important to act fast so it increases the odds of finding the ring. My cell # is 425-757-4843. Talk to you soon!

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