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Lost Ring: Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Indian River County, Northern St. Lucie County (Florida)

  • from Vero Beach (Florida, United States)

Jeff Clay
Vero Beach, FL
(304) 673-5731  Text or Call  (24/7 for Time Sensitive Searches)
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My name is Jeff Clay.  I get great joy and personal satisfaction from returning lost items to their rightful owners.   I have been metal detecting for 10 years.   I have been able to devote more time to my hobby since I retired in 2020.  I am a member of the Treasure Coast Archeological Society.  I spend most of my time pursuing my hobby on the beaches of the Treasure Coast in Florida.  I would count it an honor to look for lost jewelry or other items that you may have lost. I will hunt beaches, parks, farms, RV parks, yards and other places. I can also metal detect on the ocean beaches in shallow water (up to 2′).  If you lost your item where the use of metal detectors is restricted, you would have to gain permission for someone to look for your item with a metal detector and transfer that permission to me.  While I usually metal detect in the Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Indian River County and Northern St. Lucie County areas of Florida, I occasionally will travel further.  You may call me to discuss your location.   I charge a $35 trip fee to cover travel expenses (fuel, tolls, etc.). Requesting I travel outside my local area would likely increase the trip fee but that will be discussed at our initial contact.  I work on a ”Reward Basis”… that means you pay what it’s worth to you and what you can afford to have me find your lost item.  I am a member of The Ring Finders and you find out more about this organization on their website.  You can also search  on YouTube for “The Ring Finders” to see many videos of successful recoveries of lost items.  If you have lost a treasured keepsake or other types of valuable items, please call me today to see if I might be able to help recover it.