Lost Ring in Jefferson City, Missouri

  • from Jefferson City (Missouri, United States)


I found it.

Hello Everyone,

I’m excited about joining The Ring Finders team. I’m new to The Ring Finders, but not to metal detecting. I’ve been finding lost items for my friends and neighbors for over 30 years. Give me a call or send me an email if I can help you.

You might want me to help you find out if that old story is true. You know, the one about great grandpa burying his gold coins in the back yard. One time I helped a farmer find a pocketknife that he lost when he was a much younger man. It was in pretty ruff shape from being in the woods for so long, but he had a smile on his face when he held that old knife again. He said, “I don’t mind the rust. It’s kind of like seeing a friend from the past that has grown old with you.”

When people call me for help, they usually have a good idea of where they lost their item, but I ask a lot of questions anyway. This helps me to configure my equipment and design a search pattern. If the search involves private property and you’re not the owner, you can download a form that you can use to ask permission to search the property property (Download). Most people are very understanding and will give their permission.

I’ll also ask you to fill out a form that gives me permission to search for your lost item (Download). The forms also include liability waivers for you and the property owner

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  1. john Kunkel says:

    Hello Jay, I am looking for a survey marker in my yard that consists of a piece of steel pipe driven in the ground as a stake. I am guessing it has to have sunk in the yard as I cant find it and dont remember having seen it for at least 5 years or more. It is in the front corner of my yard and is within 7 or 8 feet of a fire hydrant. I live in lake ozark and would like to hire you to come help me find it please. Contact me at your convenience! Thank you, John Kunkel cell 573.424.4483

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