Wedding ring recovered from roadside. Greenville SC

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)


I received a call this afternoon  from Spencer. Spencer explained that had lost his wedding band Cycling with a fellow rider. Both riders hit the same dip in the road and both riders went down hard.  (traveling nearly 40mph )

I was able to meet Spencer where the crash    occurred and started searching the roadside for at least an hour with no luck. I search up and down both sides of the roadway thinking the ring could’ve rolled down the road. Finally I Received a strong 45/47 on my whites mx sport and located Spencer’s lost ring close to were he had fallen.

I texted him a picture of it and could tell he was one happy guy since just getting Married several months ago.

If you have lost something important. Give your  local ring finder a call.


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  1. Spencer Be says:

    Cannot thank this guy enough! Did great work and did the impossible and found my ring!

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