Lost gold ring found in pond. Rutherfordton NC

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

I received a call from Jennifer yesterday over her  gold ring that was lost in a pond out behind her house while she was feeding the fish. I was able to set up a time this afternoon to go search for her ring. After a nice scenic drive I arrived at the location.  I suited up in my chest waiters and using my whites mx sport I entered into the water and was able to find Jennifer’s ring within 2 minutes in about thigh deep of water.  The mx sport vdi was 42

I was thrilled to find Jennifer’s ring for her. Jennifer told me she had contacted some closer ringfinders but never received any answers back, then she found me and said I was her best shot at locating her ring. You could tell how much this ring meant to her. 

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  1. Jennifer Beckman says:

    Jason called me right back and when I told him I had lost my a couple of weeks ago in our pond he said he could help me and came the following day. He was very professional and I just knew if anyone could find my ring he could. He couldn’t have been in the pond more than 5 minutes when he found it. That ring meant so much to me, my husband had given it to me 23 years ago and I though it was gone, but Jason found it for me. THANK YOU Jason. A true ringfinder!

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