Twin lakes double ring recovery Pendleton SC

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)


I received a call from David about his wife’s rings lost in Twin Lakes campground swimming area. I was able to go out last saturday night at 9pm to look for the rings but was stopped by the 10pm curfew. After not finding the ring saturday night we agreed on another time to search which was today. We met at the lake location and after about 30 minutes search I was able to locate both rings.  (1) gold engagement ring and (1) camo ring.

Thank you David for the call and trusting me enough to recover your wife’s rings.

Thanks to the staff at TwinLakes campground for letting us back in to recover the rings. The staff was very awesome to work with to make this recovery possible.

Thank you David for the generous reward. If you have lost something important to you please give your local ringfinder a call.


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  1. David & Keri Neff says:

    Thank you Jason for all you did for us the things you do are truly amazing. Me and my wife heard for a week straight that the ring was gone and wouldn’t be found. So when we got there I honestly didn’t know what to expect I just kept telling my wife Jason will find them. I had alot of faith from the beginning and im glad we called you.

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