Lost rings recovered Greenville SC

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

I received a call from Rick about his wife’s wedding and engagement rings lost while she was trying to fix a flat tire on a garden tractor. I was able to go out this morning even though it was raining. I was able to get the complete story about how the ring was lost. Ricks wife was taking off the front tire of the tractor because it was flat and needed repaired, so trying to protect her rings from being scratched or damaged she gave her son Jr the rings to put in his pocket for a short time till the work was completed. After jr and his mom went inside, jr went back outside to catch fireflies in the neighbors yard, and was called in later by his mother to get her rings back, only 2 problems, jr’s pocket had a ring size hole in it,and no rings in it.  I search the suspected areas where they thought the rings where and found nothing, so I moved into the neighbors side yard and found the first outer band in some tall grass   . I searched for another 30 minutes or so with the smaller second ring still not being found. To tell the truth I almost gave up because I believed it to be inside the house, but I wanted to give the side yard one more shot and at the 3ft from the neighbors gate I got that low signal of foil and saw the glint of gold and knew right away I found the smaller inside ring. I was able to return both rings.

Ricks wife went on to tell me that several years ago her rings where stolen from the NICU unit at our local hospital and pawned. After the Greenville police investigated they tracked down the thief and was able to recover both rings at a pawnshop. A great recovery by the Greenville police department.

If you have lost something very important to you give your local ringfinder a call.

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  1. Naomi Murph says:

    Thank you Jason for all you did yesterday. I appreciate your hard work more than you know. With it raining you could of giving up but you didn’t.

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