National Championship ring recovered Greenville SC

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

I received a call from Scott about a championship ring his dad lost while throwing a rock out of a driveway where they lived. I met mike and he told me his story about what he was doing and what they did to recover his ring. He said his wife, and he had searched the roadside bank several times with a metal detector and came up empty.(except for poison ivy,oak which was still very visible on his arms.)

So grabbing my etrac I set to work not searching the poison ivy bank but the grassy area on the side where he had thrown from next to a large rock. I located a 12-37 signal 2inches deep and after pulling back the deep grass I could see the ring.  Thanks to social media for this recovery that I was able to locate and make another person smile. Thanks you to my wife for replying to the post and setting everything in motion. And thank you Scott for the call and a chance to find your dads ring and the generous reward.



So if you have lost something important and have given up searching. Give your local ringfinder in your area a call.

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  1. Alan Seeney says:

    Great job Jason!

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