Huge hoard of silver bars recovered... NC

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

I received a call from a gentleman I’ll call ”Mr Silver” about a large amount of silver bars buried in the woods behind his house that he couldn’t find.  I went out and figured it would be pretty easy to find since it’s silver and a large amount of it. After an hour of searching and not locating anything good the couple brought out a sample bar (100 troy oz) to see what the signal would be—- thus making it easier to locate, but to my shock… it hardly signaled on either machine I had brought to search with. I brought the minelab e trac and the new white’s mx sport. So I called Chris Turner and talked the search over with him and tried everything he suggested and more with the silver bar still not giving off a good signal at 3 or 4 inches away. I was at a loss on how both my detectors reacted to the silver bar and thought maybe one of my other machines at home may do a better job at picking up the bar but that would take hours out of my limited search time.

I decided to keep looking and hopefully run across a good signal because it would take time to go back home and get my other machines… I was not giving up but after 2hr 30min of searching I got a signal from my Mx sport (94 signal) one that wasn’t the best audio wise but constant on the VDI.. The signal was near one of his test holes ”Mr Silver” had dug earlier in hopes of finding the silver himself…After digging toward the signal and rechecking every couple minutes to see if the signal was still there we finally located all the silver bars at least 20 inches deep (25) 100 troy oz bars and (1) 1,000 troy oz bar. (3500 troy oz total) That’s 240 LBS

I have read stories in magazines about people finding huge caches or hoards of coins that someone buried… I all ways said that would never happen to me. If it wasn’t for Chris and the ringfinders I would have never had the opportunity of this search. So if you have lost something valuable give your local ringfinder a call. Mr Silver wanted to stay anonymous… so no smile today


6 Replies to “Huge hoard of silver bars recovered… NC”

  1. Jim Wren says:

    WTG Jason!! That’s an amazing recovery and story. A find at 20 inches deep is incredible.

    1. jason Bontrager says:

      Thanks jim it was fun

  2. John Volek says:

    That’s a total awesome story, congratulations!

    John Volek

    1. jason Bontrager says:

      Thanks john

  3. Dave Millman says:

    Amazing find! Would love to find a silver coin, let alone a silver bar! But did you ever figure out why your detectors didn’t overload when they hit a big silver target?

    1. jason Bontrager says:

      Its PURE Silver and it acts differently….. Then a mixed alloy coin.. Keep detecting you will find silver.

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