Lost Gold Chain, Cross-- Found-- (Furman University) South Carolina

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)
Johns one happy young man...

Johns one happy young man…

Gold chain

Gold chain

 gold cross

gold cross

I was contacted by John about finding a gold chain & 14k gold cross that was lost earlier in the week. John was playing flag football when the action got more physical and the chain was ripped off his neck..

After getting permission from the Furman officials I met him at the field in question… I set out cones to establish the boundary’s and set to work searching with my E Trac.

I searched the coned off area with no luck so I started broadening my grid to outside the cones. I found the gold cross 12-04VDI my first pass outside the grid area. I searched for another 20 ft with no luck finding the chain. So knowing chains are hard to find I switched machines to my xp Deus and started searching again and not 5ft away from where I found the cross I found the chain. (forgot to get the vdi for the chain)..

Its all about going outside the box and willing to take a couple more minutes and search outside the grid area. Thanks to John for calling me and to Furman University for letting me search and make John’s day.

So if you have lost something valuable or sentimental give your local ringfinder a call. Thanks for looking.

You can watch my videos on youtube (UPSTATE DIGGER IS MY CHANNEL)


8 Replies to “Lost Gold Chain, Cross– Found– (Furman University) South Carolina”

  1. Jim Wren says:

    WTG Jason!!!!! Things are never where you think they’ll be.

    1. Jason Bontrager says:

      Thanks Jim!! You’r so right but 3ft i cant really say is a miss. It was dark so john was really close– can’t fault him at all… GB GL&HH JASON

  2. Great find and persistence! Chains are the hardest so well found!

    1. Jason Bontrager says:

      Thanks Brent… I dislike giving up so i swing,swing,swing.. I was hoping my e trac would pick up that big chain but no luck… But the xp deus nailed it. GB GL&HH JASON Best of luck to you..

  3. Matthew Fry says:

    Jason, You are putting the U-State on the map. You are on fire as of late. WTG!

    1. Jason Bontrager says:

      Thanks Matt… I’m sure I could be finding more if I was near the coast.. But being– most of my hunts are in yards i’m lucky I have calls at all.. Thankful for the finds that i’ve found… Takes a lot of work sometimes but it’s worth seeing that smile… GB GL&HH JASON

  4. John Vangellow says:

    Jason, thank you so much for recovering my chain and cross. My family and I are very thankful. Have a happy thanksgiving!

    1. Jason Bontrager says:

      Your so welcome.. You and family have a great holiday.,

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