Wedding band recovered from river-- Saluda NORTH CAROLINA

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

HI everyone!!!! I was contacted by John about his wedding band that was lost while swimming through some rapids in a river and wondering if it was possible to find. Possible scenarios and questions go through your mind like— what is the depth of the river? What is the current like? Was the ring actually lost in the river? Is the river bottom rocky or sandy? Are their hazards I can’t see? All legitimate questions you ask yourself and than ask the party that lost the ring.

So here we go— I met John and Christine at the location where the ring was lost, and learned John’s ring was a match to Christine’s ring (not the same size just looks) so finding it was really important to them. All 3 of us entered the cold water and I started detecting while they put on masks and snorkels and looked visually. It took about 5 min when I heard that low tone of gold and I could see a white rim of a ring in the sandy part of a 4ft deep area. Christine came over and plucked the ring off the river bottom where it had laid for the past 2 weeks. I was amazed it only took a couple minutes to find and so were they. With the ring recovered all 3 of us started searching for other dropped items. 3 pairs of sunglasses (1 was a pair of green ray bans), 2 fully functioning  watches and other small sinkers and a 1973 quarter.

After getting out of the river we heard a crack and a crash and not 50 yards upstream a large tree fell into the river. You never know what the day will bring so go and make someone smile.

Oh the best part is the couples smile. I want to thank them for the generous reward. Stay safe out there!





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7 Replies to “Wedding band recovered from river– Saluda NORTH CAROLINA”

  1. Jim Wren says:

    Great story and recovery Jason!! Good Job.

    1. Jason Bontrager says:

      Thanks Jim. It was a beautiful day to search the river.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Great recovery Jason…Sure didn’t take you long and glad the tree never fell on anyone!
    Happy Hunting!

    1. Jason Bontrager says:

      Thanks CHris. I believe we shocked by the time to find the ring and by the tree falling. I’m so not a water person but it was a very fun search so far. Great couple!!! Best regards Jason

    2. Jason Bontrager says:

      Great search with a great couple. Best search so far., thanks to the NC RF for giving me this one. Best regards Jason

  3. Christine says:

    Thanks so much for helping us find this ring. I really thought it would be gone forever, but instead it was found within 5 minutes. I’m still totally amazed. What great fun we had too looking for other items and playing in the river 🙂 Thanks again.

    1. Jason Bontrager says:

      Your so welcome. Glad I could help in recovery of Johns ring. I believe you both make a great pair in searching those unexplored river bottoms —-all you need is a metal detector. Thanks for the kind words…. Best regards Jason.

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