Strange places rings end up.

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

As a ringfinder, I have had many calls or emails over the last several years from people trying to find or get ideas where  to look for their lost rings. In my area 70%+ rent or get a coworkers metal detector to aid in searching with no ring being found.

Rings lost inside

I know the rings just don’t disappear but where do you look especially if its inside… many get in a panic state and search all the obvious areas ( sinks, shower drains, bed linens, couches, floors, washers, trash cans) but some other areas could be overlooked( dryers, floor vents, freezers, clothes pockets, laundry hampers, animals eating rings, and the list goes on). The best way to look for that missing ring is to go slow and search room by room and check everything. Remember everything is contained and you should find it.

Rings lost outside

Rings lost outside can be just as tricky but getting the right information is critical. Many people rent a metal detector or even buy them thinking the internet research they did will help them, but most are unsuccessful in their search because of all the junk in the ground and the learning curve it takes to use one. Most yards have some sort of fencing (wood or metal) means nails  or you can only search so close to the metal fence. Power lines and underground pet fencing can cause ghosts signals and make detecting impossible for some inexpensive brands of detectors. I mentioned getting the right information is critical. Not everyone is forth coming with information because of embarrassment over how the ring was lost. They choose to tell you a story and when you search the area in question, no ring is found. So you ask them finally, “Did you throw your ring?” Many looked shocked and finally admit they have and in a broader search you finally find their thrown ring.

Some cases its just a case of memory and working back to one thing they did that caused the ring to get lost. This is what happened at my last search, Dee emails me saying she was planting an herb garden and had taken her ring off and put it in her pocket for safe keeping, after cutting the bag of fertilizer open. After planting was finished she reached in her pocket for her ring and the ring was gone. Dee rented a metal detector and searched the area she was working but gave up and called me to search. I searched the same area and 20ft further with no luck. I even searched the fertilizer bag and areas that hadn’t been planted yet with no luck. So what’s missing in this story? Other than the ring? And yes this does End happy!!! I emailed her a week later asking if she had found it inside anywhere. Dee told me she dropped her purse on the floor and her knife spilled out, after picking up her knife she saw her ring  wedged in the knife where the blade goes. Dee said she doesn’t even remember putting the knife in the same pocket with the ring but she must have. This was a happy ending for Dee but most won’t be this lucky.

I would like to have some other Ringfinders comment on this post to help aid other ringfinders with ideas and bringing smiles to others in need.  Where is the strangest place you have found or heard of finding a ring?imagejpeg_0

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  1. Dave Millman says:

    I’ve found two rings beneath the carpeting in cars. There are so many cutouts in the carpet for seats and wires that rings naturally slip right in and under the carpet.

    1. Jason Bontrager says:

      No car searches for me. Good to know

    2. Jason Bontrager says:

      No car searches for me. Good to know.

  2. Greg DeLong says:

    I recently had a vehicle search in which the woman lost a ring in the front passenger seat area. They were riding around and she opened up the ring box and out flew the ring and that was the last she saw of it. Once home they looked everywhere and didn’t find her ring, so they called me. I arrived, looked around the front passenger seat from the front and saw nothing. I went to be back seat area, looked under the passenger seat and saw nothing. I had her pull the passenger seat forward, then pull the back of the seat forward and out fell her ring. It was trapped between the seats, I was there a total of 10 minutes.

    1. Jason Bontrager says:

      Good save!

  3. Stan Ross says:

    1) A lady had been watching here son play soccer. When she got in her car her ring was missing. I searched the places she had been with no luck. The last thing I told her husband was check all the clothes also washer and dryer. The next day I got a call that they found the ring in the dryer. It must of hung up in her sweater when she took it off.
    2) My favorite was a lady that told me with great detail how she got hit by a wave while standing in waist deep water. When she stood up her ring was not on her finger. I searched the next two nightime low tides without finding her ring. I did find five other rings and now have a favorite honey hole. She called me a week later apologizing. She had found her ring in her jewelry box on the dresser at home.

    1. Jason Bontrager says:

      WOW! And the surf lady probably told you she saw it slide off. LOL Memories slip, but at least she called to let you know she found it. What md do you use?

      1. Stan Ross says:

        Hi Jason .. I use a Minelab ctx 3030 on most my searches. I originally bought it to use for grass searches, but it has been an awesome machine for me.

  4. I can remember many searches, each at a different salt water beach. Each time we were given the correct area, but the wrong depth due to the tide.

    Two were almost at the HIGH tide mark and I was told they were lost at waist deep at LOW tide.

    One was lost “right here” in calf deep water. But that was four hours ago…the ring was well out of the water.

    A forth ring is still missing…even with the swimmer building a stone mound tying a ribbon on a beer bottle and giving us the GPS location. Three of use have searched the area for a total of over 11 hours and have not found the ring in at the tidal pool, not a big surf area.

    When I received a call to help find a wedding band, I told the wife to spread several coins in the area the ring was lost. It was a the water’s edge while her new husband rinsed his hands off. I got to the beach at low tide, found all 37 coins, but no ring. Again it was well up the slop in the almost dry sand.

    Other areas: in a couch, hanging from a pachysandra leaf, in a attic, under a bed, in a snow bank, in a suitcase filled with a bail of hay, and in a pair of panty hose that was still being worn. And on from Cancun = in another detectorist’s pouch! That ring was returned as were all the above, less the one not yet found.

    1. Matthew Fry says:

      I like the idea of telling people to seed coins in the sand. Awesome suggestion.

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