TheRingFinders now in Spartanburg SC

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

TheRingFinders are now in Spartanburg SC.

Hello. My name is Jason Bontrager and I am the new ringfinder for Spartanburg County SC and have been a ringfinder in  Greenville SC since 2012.

What is a ringfinder? We are a group that uses our hobby to help people find that lost ring or anything that is important to them.

What does a ringfinder do? We search for metal items that are lost in backyards, parks, fields, lakes and many other locations when asked to do so.

So how do we find these items? We use metal detectors, of course.

What kind of items can I search for? Anything metal (jewelry, phones, car keys, eyeglasses, survey markers) about anything metal that’s lost.

Why should you call a ringfinder? Because we practice our hobby and have pride in finding what many think is impossible. I have had many people call me that have rented or borrowed metal detectors thinking it would be easy to find the item themselves, but as many find out it’s not as easy as they first thought. I can safely say that in 70 percent of all my successful searches the people have searched with a metal detector before calling me. If you lose an item, make a mental and physical note that will help aid in the search. Oh!!! Be honest of what really happened …so you got mad and threw your rings in the yard and then regret it later. Happens all the time…don’t fret we maybe able to help you.

I would like to hear your story and help you out.

Jason Bontrager

For more info go to THERINGFINDER.COM and check us out.




4 Replies to “TheRingFinders now in Spartanburg SC”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Well said Jason and Happy Hunting!

  2. Matthew Fry says:

    Territory Expansion…. I like it.

    Jason, congrats on the new location.

    Sniper Swiper, Myrtle Beach.

    1. Jason Bontrager says:

      YES SIR!

  3. Matthew Fry says:

    Expanding territory… I like it.

    Thanks for your help earlier this year. Myrtle Beach is up and running. If you get this way shout.

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