Ringfinder finds ancestral relics for Georgia native.

from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-864-905-0297

I received an email from Matt about helping him find relics from his family’s past and if I was interested. I’m always up for a new challenge and said sure when do we go? We set up a time and were rained out the first search date but rescheduled for today. I always wanted to search historic sites and anything that’s old. Matt filled me in on the family history of the search site that  goes back to the 1790s in which his family still owns. We had to drive for a distance down a dirt path rutted by years of rain. After some breaking of branches to get to the old homesite we saw several piles of rocks but nothing else. I broke out my gear and my spare detector just in case we needed it . I let Matt use my spare detector and before you knew he had found a small button. I decided to bring my Garrett AT PRO today because I figured the homesite would be littered with small square nails and I was right. Matt told me he was hoping to find some coins and maybe some buttons from the 1800s time period. I found the only coin and called him over to see— my heart was racing because it just had to be old (RIGHT) I pulled the coin out of the hole and it was a 1970 Jefferson nickel. I felt a little bummed out. I dug every signal above iron and even some larger iron pieces looked to be from a pot or kettle that gave a nice signal. I dug what I believe were 2 small goldish hearts that were connected on the back by a clip or something. The best find that we found that Matt liked the best was a complete horsebit still intact. Not sure of the age of the items we found today but I really enjoyed myself finding relics from the past. If you are reading this and need help searching an old homesite or just wanting to find something from your family’s past give me a call. The Ring Finders  don’t just find rings we find important items lost for a day or 200 years. Thank you Matt for letting me search beside you today and for the reward. I’m sure Matt will have fun cleaning up his relics when he gets home.

Matt with his favorite find for today.

Matt with his favorite find for today.

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